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Want to Get More Done? Accomplish More Each Day With These 7 Strategies

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out because you have too many things to do? After all, there are tasks to finish for work, things to complete around the house, and activities you want to do with your family.

How can you do it all?

If you feel bogged down from life once in a while, maybe it’s time to try some new approaches.

These strategies will enable you to accomplish more of what you want each day:

1. Think “balance.” Consider that you’re awake roughly 16 hours daily. Segmenting your day into percentages and then following your plan will help you achieve balance in your activities.

  • For example: “I will work 50% (8 hours) of my waking hours tomorrow. Twenty-five percent (4 hours) of my time, I’ll spend with my family. I’ll paint the bedroom in the other 25%.”

  • Although achieving balance isn’t always easy, working toward that goal will improve your life immensely.

2. Each evening, reflect on tomorrow. Sometime before bed, ponder the next day. Be proactive by thinking about what tomorrow might bring so you don’t feel so overwhelmed when it arrives.

  • Where will you be? For how long?

  • Who will you be with?

  • Decide which tasks you’ll work on the following day.

3. Create a to-do list. A list of things that you want to accomplish enables you to collect those scattered bits of thoughts that you keep going over and over in your mind. With a list, you can focus better on each task as you do it rather than being distracted by details of many tasks.

  • You’ll feel less stressed when you have a list. Checking off your accomplishments feels great and compels you to continue focusing on your tasks.

4. Write down your long-term goals. Tack them up where you can view them as you plan each day. This way, you can include some tasks that will contribute to the eventual accomplishment of your overall goals. Your passion for your goals will burn brightly.

5. Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many tasks. Circle the three tasks on your list that are the most important and start on them early in the day. Ensure that you accomplish these priority tasks.

6. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in the time allotted. Avoid setting yourself up for failure. Divide bigger jobs into several smaller tasks to more accurately estimate your time.

  • For example, rather than say, “Write a 50-page e-book,” you could state something like, “Complete the outline of a 50-page e-book.”

7. Evaluate your progress throughout the day. If you want to go further on a task than what you had planned, consider how doing so will affect your ability to get started on your other things to do that day. Be confident about your decision whether to continue or move on.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy greater accomplishments in all areas of your life. Achieve the successful results you seek as you make more time to do what you really want to do!

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